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Cities from across Canada have received recognition from the Global Covenant for Climate and Energy (GCoM) for making concrete progress on their climate commitments.

Canada has 59 cities committed to the Global Covenant of Mayors in the Americas (GCoM), an initiative that throughout the western hemisphere, is funded by the European Union. This year, 12 Canadian cities received at least one GCoM badge, recognizing their progress in actions to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Data reported by these cities through the CDP-ICLEI Track reporting platform and institutionally validated by GCoM has resulted in 12 municipalities receiving badges for advancing in greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, and 8 for making progress on adaptation to climate change. An additional 4 cities received Compliant badge status for accomplishing all stages in both mitigation and adaptation, thus concluding the development of their complete Climate Action Plan (CAP).

“Canadian cities have long demonstrated their strong commitments to act in the face of climate change. GCoM cities in Canada continue to make progress towards their climate goals, enacting the kinds of plans and measures that serve as an example for climate leadership worldwide,” stated Jordan Harris, Program Coordinator of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in the Americas. “We are highly motivated to see such significant progress among cities in Canada during this past year, and the GCoM, with the support of the EU, will continue to support mayors from all committed cities, large and small, in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and in making their local communities and economies more resilient to the effects of climate change,” he added.

“The GCoM in Canada counts on the support of a number of established key partners and stakeholders, who provide direct technical assistance to cities and make sure that the voices of local mayors and city planners resonate in the way the GCoM is carried forward in the country. Without their tireless efforts and commitment, such significant progress in this past year would simply not have been possible,” emphasized Harris.

The European Union celebrated the advances of the initiative. Stephanie Horel, Program Officer for EU/FPI, highlighted the importance of the work that cities have been doing during this year in Canada. “We hope you understand how important it is, this international recognition from the most important alliance of Mayors for Climate in the world. I would like to say a special thanks to the National Coordinators for their dedication and support, and to those citizens who have been behind in this work,” she said.


The Covenant Badges System

GCoM badges symbolize the recognition of the progress made by governments in the active fight against climate change, and represent a mechanism by which the initiatives and progress of GCoM cities are communicated throughout the world.

Throughout the Americas, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy has over 700 signatory cities. This global community of local governments already includes more than 11,700 cities on six continents, representing over one billion people worldwide. The network commits to ambitious action to make a historic and powerful contribution to the global response to the climate crisis.

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