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Global Covenant Member Cities and Communities in Canada

Case Studies of Showcase Cities 2020

Windsor, ON

Population 233,763   The City of Windsor, led by their Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Karina Richters, has been a leader on climate change adaptation and mitigation in Canada. They have been GCoM signatories since 2015 and have successfully achieved many of the GCoM badges. When Karina heard about the Global Covenant of Mayors [...]

Hamilton, ON

Population 579,200 Following the City of Hamilton’s Climate Emergency Declaration, city staff were directed to accelerate the ambition of their climate work. By joining GCoM Canada’s Showcase Cities pilot and using the information and resources provided to them, staff were able to evaluate and renew their climate action plans while also learning more about elements [...]

London, ON

Population 410,000 At the time the City of London, ON, was initiating their full-scale climate emergency action planning, the City’s climate staff heard about the GCoM Showcase Cities pilot project. As London was already a GCoM signatory, they viewed the pilot as a benefit in order to receive further direction and clarity on the different [...]

City of Nanaimo, BC

Population 90,505 Although the City of Nanaimo, BC, is often recognized as a leader on climate action, Rob Lawrence, Environmental Planner in the Engineering and Environment department, was keen to join the Global Covenant of Mayors to challenge himself and his team to new ideas and concepts, as well as meet other professionals. With the [...]

City of Burlington, ON

Population 183,314 As accomplished PCP members, the City of Burlington, ON, decided to get involved with GCoM to add the adaptation component to their local climate action. By becoming inaugural Showcase Cities participants, staff were able to learn more about the GCoM framework and how it could accommodate the mitigation work they had already completed [...]

Town of New Glasgow, NS

Population 9,075 As a newly hired Climate Change Coordinator for the Town of New Glasgow, NS, Rachel Mitchell was looking for strategies to complete the work laid out for her. When the Chief Administrative Officer sent her information on the Showcase Cities pilot, Rachel viewed it as an opportunity to learn and complete the large [...]

Town of Orangeville, ON

Population 28,900 Thanks to the leadership of the Mayor of Orangeville, Allison Myles was encouraged to apply to the Showcase Cities pilot early on into her term as the Climate Change Coordinator at the Town of Orangeville. The program’s in person meeting allowed Allison to develop a wide-ranging network of municipalities across the country whom [...]

City of Fredericton, NB

Population 58,220 Though the City of Fredericton had been a leader on climate in the early 2000s, organizational changes over the past 20 years led to gaps in the climate action planning process. Brittany MacLean, hired in 2018 to spur the City’s environmental leadership, was looking for frameworks and best practices to achieve Fredericton’s climate [...]

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